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Fundamental principles of Yoga:
      Yoga is a philosophy and science for developing human personality taking care of the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of a being. The philosophy of Yoga ensue the principles to attain universal peace and harmony. Through practice of Yoga an individual is taken to universal consciousness through self-realization.
      Yoga develops all round personality and elicits the innate healing through its concepts and systematically described practices by which the vitality of the individual comes to the most active phase, which helps in health promotion, disease prevention and plays an important role in the effective management of not only the physical but also psychological and psychosomatic diseases.

In India, Yoga has been practiced as an inseparable part of Naturopathic clinical practice and education. Yoga is also a drugless, non-invasive and evidence based health program, which therefore is a most suitable discipline that has been one of the key healing components in Naturopathy.
In India, all the Naturopathy hospitals / Institutes are known as Naturopathy and yoga centers. The qualifying course is known as “Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences (BNYS)”.  For the last more than seventy years, the practice of Yoga especially the methods of Ashtanga Yoga is practiced and promoted by Naturopaths and Naturopathy centers, simultaneously with the pioneer Yoga institutes of India.

The basic philosophy behind Yoga is to join or attain a beautiful synchronization of body, mind and spirit. The basic philosophy of Naturopathy, fulfilled through fasting is also the same – joining the body, mind and intellect, thereby, activating the vital energy, turning towards healing. The very Sanskrit word Upvas means “to live with” i.e., the mind living with the body, to attain the goal. Thus Yoga with Naturopathy acts like a double-sided coin in healing and promotion and preservation of health.
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